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About & Mc Ewen Maths Classes Limited

In September of 2006 the Company commenced full commercial operations at its Tunapuna location. However, its founder and managing director, Glenford Mc Ewen, had been teaching Mathematics to secondary and tertiary students fourteen years prior to that.

Initially, we intented to focus exclusively on providing courses and lessons in O and A Level Mathematics, but soon realised that there was a very strong demand from tertiary students for help with the math content of their courses. So we answered the call, and started running courses for students from virtually all the tertiary education providers in the country. Our most popular tertiary courses, though, have been Introduction to Mathemactics (ECON 1003), Introduction to Statistics (ECON 1005), College Algebra, Finite Math, Calculus and Quantitative Methods.

Two years after we opened, many of our adult students and parents of students studying with us, began requesting that we also run courses in CXC English. Not wanting to disappoint our customers, we introduced the English courses in September of 2008, and in the June 2009 exams, all of the seven students that sat the English exam passed, with three students obtaining Grade 2, three obtaining Grade 1, and one student a Distinction.

Since then, our pass rate in English has been more or less 100 percent, higher than that for Mathematics , which has been just above 95 percent for most of the years.

Our success in the Mathematics and English programmes then caused students to request that we also provide tuition for other subjects. At first, we did not want to diverge from our core offering (Mathematics), and so we simply referred those students to various providers of these non-core subjects. But our students often complained that the quality of tuition offered by many of these other providers was not of the quality that they had grown used to, and so, after much hesitation and deep reflection, we finally gave in to their demands and began providing tuition in all subjects, but on a one-on-one basis.

Any subject, whether it be at the primary (S.E.A.) secondary (CXC, GCE or SAT) or tertiary level, can now be studied one-on-one at our Tunapuna, Port of Spain or Arima locations.

In August 2011,  Mc Ewen Maths Classes Limited became the sole authorised  Maplesoft Partner in Trinidad and Tobago.  Maplesoft is a Canadian company headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario and the world leader in the production of software used  for doing Mathematics,  Physics, and Engineering. Maplesoft also produces the most advanced automated  testing and assessment sytstem in the world. Ninety percent of the leading universities and research centres in the world use the Maplesoft suite of products, and our customers in Trinidad and Tobago are UWI, COSTAATT and UTT. 


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